MJ Dickson Woodwork

Custom woodworker.
St. Catharines, Ontario.
Unique hardwood designs. Bespoke furniture. And more.
MJ Dickson Woodwork

Custom hardwood and pine pieces for the home or cottage.
Perfect for special occasion gifts.
Made to order. 

I'm dedicated to turning wood into something special. And each piece I design offers the highest bespoke standard.

From the initial idea to the finishing touches, I hand-match wood, exactingly fit joinery and add the perfect finish. 

See the world beyond generic store furniture. Discover MJ Dickson Woodwork.  
coasters, hardwood, beer coaster
Hand built, chisel, woodwork
Custom woodwork. A great investment.
Here's your opportunity to play a part in bringing a uniquely crafted piece to life.

Experience the practicality and beauty of fine solid wood craftsmanship.  Whatever you're looking for, you'll enjoy an intriquing creative process that produces a handcrafted legacy piece.  
Experience - Formal carpentry training. Continual skills development.
Quality - Designed and made to your expectations. 
Longevity - Well-made wood items can last for generations.
Pricing - Material costs + labour estimated before work begins. 
My Work

A small sampling of pieces designed for my clientele. 
  1. +
    Spalted Maple Keepsake Box
  2. +
    Guitar Pick Coffee Table - Walnut & Toasted Maple
  3. +
    Rustic Clothing Cabinet - Walnut & Maple
  4. +
    Mystic Box - Walnut & Wormy Maple
  5. +
    Chef's Cutting Board - Walnut, Padauk & Maple
  6. +
    Salad Bowls and Servers - Walnut
  7. +
    Jewelry Box - Walnut
  8. +
    Live-Edge Serving Board - Walnut & Bocote
  9. +
    Chef's Cutting Board - Walnut & Maple
  10. +
    Simple Jewelry Box - Walnut, Padauk & Bocote
  11. +
    Live-edge Cherry Serving Board
  12. +
    Outdoor Live-Edge Pine Bench
  13. +
    Matching Live-Edge End Tables in Walnut
  14. +
    Organic Burl Coffee Table in Walnut
  15. +
    Deluxe Checkers Set - Walnut & Hard Maple
  16. +
    Asymmetrical Tealight Holders - Claro Walnut
  17. +
    Formal Hallway Table in Walnut
  18. +
    Hallway Stuff Bowl - Walnut
  19. +
    Contemporary Rustic Walnut Tray
  20. Title 20
    Contemporary Walnut and Bocote Tealight
  21. Title 21
    Cherry Storage Box With Hand-carved Walnut Handle
Bowl Turning

My wood-turning journey began with a second-hand lathe and the curiosity to shape wood a different way. 

Whether using figured walnut, spalted maple or an exotic African hardwood, this organic art holds as many possibilities as imagination itself. 


About the Craftsman
My interest in woodworking and furniture-making began in my dad's basement shop. Then I tried my hand at home renovation, deck-building and tree planting.

From that inauspicious beginning, I toiled as a marketing creative before turning my full attention to woodworking. Now, I work out of my dedicated workshop located in an out-building on our property in St. Catharines, Ontario.

When I'm not designing a new piece, I'm out in the community meeting amazing people at craft events like The One of A Kind Show. 

Contact me

I might not hear the phone in my shop, so please leave a voicemail or complete the form below .
Michael "MJ" Dickson
St. Catharines, Ontario
Phone:   647-518-3667
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